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Misono UniverseWatch Misono Universe on Onlinemovies Pro, Nobuhiro Yamashita’s new film “Misono Universe (La La La at Rock Bottom)” gives an affecting spin to the amnesia theme, but one with more hard-driving rock music than heavy-going drama. One reference is Yamashita’s 2005 film “Linda Linda Linda,” which followed the fortunes of an all-girl amateur band to their big gig at a high school festival. Both their title tune, a catchy 1987 hit by The Blue Hearts, and Korean actress Bae Doona’s energetic rendition of it in the film’s climax, made “Linda Linda Linda” a feel-good international festival favorite.“La La La At Rock Bottom” is also less of an art film than entertainment (the silly sounding English title is a giveaway), starring Subaru Shibutani of the Kansai-based boy band Kanjani Eight. But instead of the expected pop confection, the film is a sharp-edged character study set on society’s margins, with a comic undertone that at times bubbles into slapstick farce and at other times disappears entirely. It’s not hard to see where the film is going, but the emotional payoffs are genuinely earned rather than formulaically calculated.The story begins with a live concert by a group of middle-aged rock/soul musicians (played by members of the real-life Osaka band Akainu) that is rudely interrupted by a skinny, beat-up-looking guy who stumbles onto the stage and grabs the microphone. What ensues is a surprisingly powerful a capella song, followed by the mysterious singer collapsing like a felled tree. When he comes to, under the ministrations of the band’s no-nonsense young manager, Kasumi (Fumi Nikaido), he has no memory of anything — including his name — save the lyrics to the song he had just sung.

More Information about the Movie Misono Universe (2015) :-

Release Date: 14 February 2015
Country: USA
Language: English
Director: Nobuhiro Yamashita
Running time: 103 mins
Writers: Tomoe Kanno
Stars: Subaru Shibutani, Sarina Suzuki, Katsumi Kawahara
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10
Movie Quality: 1080p Full HD
OnlineMovies Pro Rating: 6.3/10

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